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About the Skipper

Ivor the diver.

Ivor, aka Faz, spent 24 years as an Army driver before a change of career allowed him to follow his dream of owning and skippering a dive boat.

He was raised in Torbay, South Devon before roaming off round the world following his Military career until mandatory retirement in 2012.

A diver since 1998, Faz is a BS-AC advanced diver, Open Water Instructor, and has even dabbled in the dark art of Trimix diving.

It was whilst on a trip out to the Aeolean Sky in 2003 that he pondered, "driving a boat is much akin to driving a truck, only with less traffic! I can do this." And so begun the long dream of having his own boat.

During his final few years of Army service, Faz was based locally to Plymouth which introduced him to some like-minded people which enabled him to pursue the necessary training and skills required to skipper his own, recently acquired boat.

Retired from full time Military Service, Faz now lives with his family near Plymouth. He remains a keen UK diver and is a member of a local BS-AC branch.


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